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Paul Wong


Dr Paul Wong’s original paintings are to be found in private collections in the USA, Europe and Japan, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Even though painting has to take second place after his corporate life, his oeuvre spans many subjects including aviation, armour, landscapes, nudes and animals. His paintings are sought after by collectors for their fresh composition.

Original Paintings

Canvas Ciglees are available by special request.


Gee-Bee Nude 1 Ingenieur Comet Wittmann Paper Tiger Connie Wittman IV Yamato Dragon Rapide Max 1 Jadgtigers Grand Slam Thunderjet Panthers Flying Tiger Lola Aluetian Tiger Raaf p-40s Corsair Migis Me 109G Boomerang Wild Cats Shinden Rata Buffalo Mosquito Stratojet Dambusters Point Cook FW 190 Panthers 2